Paynes was started in 1922 by Fred Payne with around 300 hives. He was well known in the area for his kind and gentle nature - just like his bees. Fred sold bees, the equipment and a wide selection of beehive products, from local southdown honey to pure beeswax. His wife Betty was avidly involved herself in the hives too and entered many a honey show (and won many first place prizes too).


 Over the past 90 years, Paynes has continued in its family traditions but has grown to include much more of the Apiculture available, being deeply involved in honey production, equipment sales and breeders of bees and Queens.     Fred's 2 sons, Paul and Peter, along with the grandchilden, Mark and Roger, now maintain over 1000 colonies, spread across Sussex, enjoying the wild fields of the South Downs as well as the rural gardens of the local villages and towns.