340g Italian Chestnut Honey
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340g Italian Chestnut Honey


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Payne's Italian Chestnut Honey has a strong intense smell and flavour and a slight 'nutty' after-taste. Ideal for cooking or if you like your honey strong. It is very dark in colour and comes only in the clear honey form.
The Chestnut trees bloom, depending on the altitude, in the months of June and July.  The blossom of this tree is a long, yellowish cluster with a sharp smell, sticky to the touch and rich in pollen & nectar.  Bees seem to go crazy when they find Chestnut blossoms, becoming excited and even aggressive around the hive.  Chestnut honey crystallises only after a long time.

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Reviewed by CarolD
08/23/2018 - 09:34:51 AM
Italian chestnut honey
Absolutely delicious!