Bee Friendly Wild Flower Seeds

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People are increasingly asking how they can help the bees and other pollinators as they read about declining the bee populations, how can they play their part in helping the environment? One of the most simplest ways is by sowing wildflower seeds. It doesn’t matter where you live or if you only have a small garden or just a window box. Every flower counts and will help provide pollinators such as bees and butterflies as well as other insects with food and shelter.

As a small family bee farm business it was extremely important to us that our wildflower seeds were bee and butterfly friendly and that the wildflower seeds had the RHS ‘Plants for Pollinators’ symbol. This mix has over 15 varieties of seeds with a diverse range of colours which will liven up any area you sow them in.

Perfect Gifts:

Our wildflower seeds packs contain 100% pure wildflower seeds and are beautifully illustrated suitable for any age group. These will make perfect gifts for any occasion and can simply be popped in with a card or added to a Christmas stocking, a child’s party bag, end of term teacher’s gift or even as wedding favours. Or does there even need to be an occasion, why not treat yourself or a friend/family member - after all each pack will go towards helping save our pollinators and in turn the environment.

All of our wildflower seed packaging is recyclable.


Seed instructions:

The best time to plant wildflowers is early spring or early Autumn. This wildflower seed mixture is suitable for a wide range of soil types and contains a mixture of annuals and perennials so these should flower for around six months of the year until first frosts.

Scatter the seeds thinly over bare patches of watered soil, make sure the seed is making good contact with the soil. For small-sized patches, you can use your feet to compress the seeds into the soil. The seeds prefer a sunny spot that receives 6+ hours of sun and will germinate better in a site without competing plants shading them out and stealing resources like nutrients and water. ​

Each pack contains 2g of seeds and will cover approximately 1m2.