I ordered a tub of Orange Blossom honey. This arrived in the post (by courier) very well and securely packaged. The honey itself is in a solid tub and is well sealed.

Just like the description on this site, the orange blossom honey is sweet and light and a welcome addition to my breakfast. I've been trying to gain weight and having honey mixed into my cereals and porridge is a tasty addition, providing natural sugars to my diet. The honey is subtle and doesn't overpower the other ingredients in the meal. It adds to the slow-release energy and is a welcome flavour in the food.

Overall, I'm impressed by the level of service from Paynes and when I run out of my current tub, I'll be reordering another.
Martin, Solihull
Thank you so much for the honey that arrived today, i can't wait to try it for my breakfast tomorrow.....
I've found dealing with you all a pleasure. Mark has been particularly patient and kind in guiding me when I've telephoned with questions.

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