English honey with Royal Jelly
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English honey with Royal Jelly


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English Honey with Royal Jelly.   227g pot.    Royal Jelly comes from a gland on the worker bees and it is fed to all larva in the hive to help aid their development.   However a new Queen is fed copious amounts of Royal Jelly which triggers her extra development, including the fully developed ovaries needed to lay the eggs.
Our Local Sussex Honey comes from the hives situated along the South Downs.  Made from the abundance of mixed wild flowers of the Downs, it has a delicious, subtle flavour.    The honey is harvested a couple of times a year.   Find out more about our honey and how we harvest it here.

  A Queen Cell that contains a larva destined to become a Queen in this colony.    She is fed copious amounts of Royal Jelly to help aid her development.

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